BORN IN 1946 in Italy, Scido (RC). Hi lives and works in Rome.

Gaetano Zampogna was one of the original members of the Artmedia group, fonde in 1989, and in line with the movement’s theoretical approach – based on the idea of art as an “appropriation” and “sacking” of the works of the twentieth century – his own work inserted images that were culled from the oeuvres of figures like Schifano, Boetti and LeWitt in monochrome or dichromatic surfaces or photographic supports in cibachrome.

When this particular form of experiment came to an end in 1994, Zampogna’s work shifted towards a revival of the figurative, in paintings “contaminated” with the media-born myths of the present day; initially emphasizing the insubstantiality of the “reality” produced by the advertising industry. On a monochromatic “lunar” background of huge anonymous faces, he superimposes small polychromatic elements that disturb and destabilise – “world events”, like media-derived “windows”, taken from the covers of famous international magazines and journals: El mundo vaquero and Les insolences de Naomi. Zampogna then went on to create a stranger, more ambiguous relationship between the two “subjects”, dilating the inserted clippings and adverts to the point at which they are equivalent in scale to the portraits, thus rendering the “real reality” and the “media reality” interchangeable. The result is a pictorial image “wiped clean of memory” in which the two “episodes” dialogue with bizarre naturalness. The force of the dual image lies in the inconsistency and anonymity caught, here, in the act of complicity: Evolution and Senza titolo no. 11. With great technical refinement, advertising and contemporary life nourish one another. The works that follow represent an ulterior and logical step in the direction of this ironic and tragic analysis of the real world: the figures represented inhabit, eccentrically, stylised interpretations of lottery scratch-cards: L’isola del Tesoro and Animali portafortuna are icons of a devalued contemporary experience which, for Western man, becomes the expectation of a mediocre catharsis: the dream of personal wealth, a media-inspired chimera that offers an antidote to the emptiness of our times. Precisely because of the urgency of the need to recoup an element of the tangibility of history and of personal identity, in 2009 the artist created a series of portraits of poet friends, in monochrome and hyper-realist, the whole gently “disturbed” by the presence of misquoted proverbs (for example, “Don’t look a gift-horse in the paper”). Each portrait is a piece in a jigsaw puzzle reconstructing the artist’s own world of relationships and friendships. In 2010 a new cycle of work began; with visionary energy he began to create two huge visual “machines” whose protagonists are two allegorical figures: the giants Mati and Grifone, whose origins lie in the folk legends of Italy’s far south and who, conjured up by the artist, appear on enormous pieces of fabric decorated with floral motifs, becoming both a crystallised mise-en-scene and a means of escape towards a world of primitive rituals, which counterweigh the emptiness of history and have the dreamy tangibility of shadows.

Elmerindo Fiore



Selected solo Exhibitions

Year Location City
1991 Galleria Agorà Lanciano (CH)
1992 Agorà Artmedia A. C. Roma
1993 Galleria Agorà Lanciano (CH)
1994 Agorà Artmedia A. C. Roma
1996 Spazio L4, IV Liceo Artistico Statale Roma
1997 Agorà Artmedia Frisa (CH)
1998 Art Now Capua
1998 Bha Art A. C. Roma
1999 Artmedia Projects Lanciano (CH)
1999 La mano e il piede, Studio Mancini Roma
2000 Eventi, Spazio d’Arte Roma
2000 Artmedia Projects Lanciano (CH)
2003 Punto Einaudi Roma
2004 Studio Zeta Roma
2005 Granma A. C. Roma
2007 L’Idioma, Centro d’Arte Ascoli Piceno
2007 “Cirkus” Artmediastudiozeta Roma
2009 Bliblioteca Vallicelliana Roma

Selected group Exhibitions

Anno Location Città
1990 Artmedia, Palazzo Farnese Ortona
1990 Artmedia, Agorà Artmedia A.C. Roma
1991 Artmedia, Galleria Agorà Lanciano (CH)
1992 Artmedia, Palazzo Fazio Capua
1992 Artmedia, Arco 92 Madrid, Spain
1993 Artmedia San Donato Val di Comino
1993 Artmedia, Espace 13x13 M.J.C. Annemasse Centre, France
1994 Artmedia, Palazzo Farnese Ortona
1994 Artmedia, Galleria Borgogna Milano
1995 Artmedia, Arte Fiera Bologna
1996 Giubil & Art, Parco degli Acquedotti by A.Cochetti Roma
1997 Secondo premio Trevi Flash Art Museum Premio acquisto Milano
1997 Galleria Bianca Pilat Milano
1998 I luoghi dell’ Arte, by A.Micaletti,Palazzo dei Convegni Jesi
1998 FierArte Lanciano
1998 Modo Italiano, Artmedia Projects Lanciano (CH)
1998 Arte in Cattedra, Complesso Monumentale di San Michele a Ripa Roma
1998 Asta di solidarietà, Aiutiamo la pace Provincia di Ascoli Piceno
1999 Pittura leggera, Palazzo Caccianini Frisa
1999 Asta di solidarietà, Aiutiamo la pace Provincia di Ascoli Piceno
2000 Modo Italiano, Artmedia Projects, by Loredana Rea Roma
2000 Asta di solidarietà, Aiutiamo la pace Provincia di Ascoli Piceno
2000 Chiostro di San Francesco Alatri
2001 Asta di solidarietà, Aiutiamo la pace Provincia di Ascoli Piceno
2002 Artmedia, Museo delle Arti Contemporanee Caserta
2002 Asta di solidarietà, Aiutiamo la pace Provincia di Ascoli Piceno
2003 Artmedia, Palazzo delle Torri, Greve in Chianti Firenze
2003 Asta di solidarietà, Aiutiamo la pace Provincia di Ascoli Piceno
2003 Collectif, Galerie les Contemporains Brussels
2003 Presence, Artmedia Projects Lanciano
2004 Asta di solidarietà, Aiutiamo la pace Provincia di Ascoli Piceno
2005 Insediamenti, Centro storico Comune di Treglio (CH)
2005 Asta di solidarietà, Aiutiamo la pace Provincia di Ascoli Piceno
2006 Arte per la Vita by Claudio Cerritelli Lanciano
2006 Rassegna di Mail Art, “Aiutiamo la Pace” provincia di Ascoli Piceno
2006 Pittura, L’Idioma, Centro d’Arte Ascoli Piceno
2006 Asta di solidarietà, Aiutiamo la pace Provincia di Ascoli Piceno
2007 Palazzo degli uffici dell’EUR, Lo Specchio, la Trottola gli Astragali Roma
2007 Asta di solidarietà, Aiutiamo la pace Provincia di Ascoli Piceno
2007 Equus, Semper, Arte all’Ippodromo, a cura di Bruna Condoleo Roma
2008 Asta di solidarietà, Aiutiamo la pace Provincia di Ascoli Piceno
2009 Mutazioni, by Giuseppe Varone, Palazzo dei Capitani Ascoli Piceno
2009 Asta di solidarietà, Aiutiamo la pace Provincia di Ascoli Piceno



Realtà Reale & Realtà Mediale

Realtà Reale & Realtà Mediale

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